Why Serviced Apartments?

Apartments in Dubai for long livingYou’re planning to stay in Dubai for more than a week and you’re not alone? A single hotel room might not work great. The other option you are left with is serviced apartments in Dubai which are furnished, world-class and secure. Keeping in view the location of your interest, these apartments can be found and booked at the center of the sphere.

Why Serviced Apartments?

But why should you not book multiple rooms in a hotel? Why should you rent a serviced apartment in Dubai on monthly rent? You might find your answer here.

Secure and Convenient

If you are not going for a hotel stay this time, serviced apartment in Dubai can offer you the comfort you want. They are fully furnished, updated and secure. More of, booking a serviced apartment Dubai monthly would not only reduce your time but also cost and stress of travelling. You can identify what facilities should be in there and the real estate managers would locate your best match.

Plus, in case you need to travel and you don’t want to spend that extra cash on luxury car rental, you can just use public transport from your serviced apartment. For your health concerns, most of the apartments have their gyms and swimming pools and they are constructed near the jogging track.

Spacious Accommodation

Apartments in DubaiApart from some outdoor guide, the indoor environment of these serviced apartments in Dubai is also top-notch. According to individual headcount, you can book the spacious apartment and if you are a family, you can find the ones with specially designed kids’ rooms.

Equipped and Furnished Spaces

These apartments have every modern appliance you need. The kitchen is the next prerequisite with some essentials like oven, coffee machine, basic crockery, a fridge, a dishwasher and dining table. Furthermore, TV lounge has a cable connection; you get a telephone line, Wi-Fi connectivity in all units, proper lighting, secure environment, safety alarms and gadgets, private washrooms with fresh towels and soaps and whatever else you need. In addition to it, if you own a car there, there is free and secure indoor parking for vehicle's safety.

Your budget plays the key role in booking apartments and based on given services, their value varies. It may change by locations and by floor. You must consider everything about the serviced apartment in Dubai to rent them monthly before visiting. You can book one online and it will be waiting for you when you land.