Tips to Save Money on Your Upcoming Event

Are you planning an event in the UAE on a shoe-string budget? There is no need for you to panic; you can successfully execute any event with a small budget. There is always pressure to deliver, whether it’s from your boss or the event attendees. Instead of letting it overwhelm you, you should use it as an opportunity. Find a reputable event management company and inquire about their services. Working solo may work, but not often than not, it will drag you down. Here are some useful tips to pull-off a quality event on a limited budget.

Hire an Event Planner

Hire an Event Planner

An experienced event planner can help you do wonders. They will not only help you save time and but money as well. A reputable event planner, through experience, learns how to offer clients tailor-made services. Additionally, they know the ins and out of the trade and will ensure that you get the best prices. The cost of hiring a planner is much less when compared to the money they save you.

Utilize Your Talented Friends

Hit up a friend with a particular talent, say photography, who is willing to help you with your event. By virtue of being friends, they may save you some money by requesting a fraction of the money it would cost to hire a stranger. Sometimes they may even do it for free; it depends. There’s no shame in asking people to help out, and you’ll be surprised how willing some people are.

Do Not Print Invitation Cards

The cost of printing and mailing invitations are relatively high. You can save on the costs associated with letters by inviting people over the phone or through online mediums. Using a medium such as Facebook, you can invite as many guests as you like and keep track of the guest list. All this can be achieved for a fraction of what it would cost to mail invitations.

Be Wise While Choosing the Venue

You do not need to decorate a venue fully. You can find a site that’s already somewhat decorated and would require little or no decorations. If you do this, you can save yourself a lot of money. Find a themed venue, for example, a French-themed bar or resort. Most themed sites have luxurious finishing making them ideal for events.

Drinks Package

Forget About the Drinks Package

Who needs to pay per hour for their drinks? Most venues use these packages to make money. So instead of paying for a drinks package, it’s better to pay for drinks on consumption. The bottom line is, you can plan and execute an event no matter how small your budget is.