Five Secrets to Save Money on Your Car Hire in Dubai

When you go on holiday you want to save as much money as you can, an easy way to do this is by paying less for your car hire. There are many different ways that you can save a little. To save the most money check out our top 5 secrets to help you save money on hiring a vehicle in Dubai.

Loyalty Program for Rent Car

Join a loyalty program

Many car rental companies in Dubai offer a loyalty rewards program. Dealers will reward you for repeat business. Loyalty members also qualify for discounts and free upgrades.

Cut Down on all the Extras

Cutting down on all the extras that you require the vehicle to come with can cut the cost dramatically. There is no need to hire an SUV that seats 8 people if there are only 2 of you. Cut down on costs by hiring a smaller vehicle. Take a lower mileage deal if you don’t plan to do much driving around. It’s a good idea not to get rid of the GPS though as it’s easy to get lost in Dubai.

Don’t be a Brand Slave

Many customers will only drive a certain brand of a vehicle so if you don’t mind driving a different brand then you could save a lot of cash. Older model vehicles offer the same amount of luxury for a fraction of the price. Smaller cars will cost you left than a large SUV but it is important to think about where you will be driving and what type of terrain the car will need to handle.

Don't Rent Car in the Airport

Don’t Rent Directly From the Airport

Put on your walking shoes when you land at the airport. Renting directly from the dealers at the airport will cost you a lot more than if you walk on down the road. If the closest place that offers cheap car rental in Dubai isn’t within walking distance then book online and catch a taxi to pick up your vehicle. Some rental agents will meet you at the airport with your vehicle. Everything is handled online so all you need to do is get the keys and drive away. Renting from the airport directly is daylight robbery and a tourist trap.

How Long Will You Require the Car?

If you plan on being in Dubai for a long period then you could save money on your car rental. Hiring a car, at a rate per day, will be a lot more expensive than hiring it on a weekly or monthly basis. Dubai is known for its heat and when it’s hot its very hot! This means that car rental rates are seasonal. Winter is the coolest time of the year and when most of the tourists come to Dubai this makes car leasing rates skyrocket. Weekend rates being the highest at these times. If you can travel out of season you can save a lot of money.