Why a Chartered Yacht is the Perfect Venue for a Corporate Party

For your next corporate party in Dubai, there’s truly no better way to celebrate than with a luxurious yachting experience. A chartered yacht is a perfect way to celebrate with your colleagues whilst you take in the gorgeous coastline of Dubai.

Advantages of Renting a Cheap Car over a Luxury Car

While driving a luxury car provides the best feeling, luxury vehicles are not suitable for your rental needs. Regular cars are ideal for short distances as well as long drives. What’s more, they are ideal for almost every occasion.

Go on a Tour of Dubai Right from the Airport via Exotic Cars

Dubai is amongst the list of highly visited places in the world. The city of Dubai is filled with various places of interest and taking a trip around the city in exotic cars is something that you are certainly going to love.

It’s About Time You Had Fun in the Dubai Desert

The thrill seekers visiting Dubai do themselves an injustice by not having fun in the desert. The desert is fun, and excitement covered in sand. You can only attest to this after you have taken a buggy safari and a motocross tour of the desert.

Interior Designers Give True Outstanding Look to the Living Room

Interior designers apply knowledge and expertise to make the living room to appear spacious with the inclusion of new décor ideas, mirror placement, providing ample space and many more.

Different types of pergolas

Wood, metal, PVC, Brick and Stones are some common and most liked materials used in the construction of pergolas in Dubai. You can choose them according to your demands of design and resistence.

Why Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments provide you with a great opportunity to save your money and time while staying for long in Dubai. They make you see the culture closely and explore the friendly environment.

4 Tips in Selecting Curtains in Dubai

Decorating with draperies is definitely a mind-boggling process. But once you have found the correct one, they can make a significant impact and attract together a whole look. Read on to know how you can choose the best window curtain in Dubai.

Land Survey Vs Building Survey

Property surveys have become extremely important before any purchase. This survey serves as a guide on the entire prospect of the property. Majilis Properties further elaborates on which survey; Land or Building carters best to your desired results and review.

6 Advantages of PVC Pipe Fittings

PVC fittings supplier in UAE - ANBI Solutions has written down the most important benefits of using this piping system.