Different types of pergolas

Pergolas in DubaiPergolas are the new favorite. They are not only about some shade in your outdoor area to enjoy a happy evening; they are decorative and add class to the whole architecture around. Pergolas vary in their design and sizes according to the owner and the designer. Some people like wooden pergolas in Dubai while others like metallic or stony. Some like spacious pergolas besides the pool while others like it as a complete new portion. Here we are talking about the four best materials you can use in the construction of pergolas in Dubai.


Those who love a little natural look might not approve metallic pergola. But if you want to cover a large space and need resistance, metal is the best option here. Metal can carry more weight and lasts longer. If your concern is metal rusting away, there are multiple safety methods which are used while constructing metallic pergolas. If you use proper varnishing, keep a regular check on it and let the constructors use the scrolled metal and metal tubing while welding, it can save the pergola from the only con it has.


Wooden pergolas are the most favorite in Dubai. Wood is always suitable for any kind of pergola design no matter if it is a free-stand or built with a wall. More of, wood’s fresh and natural look is globally liked but it can be changed according to your demands by painting it.
When it comes to wood being used in the construction of pergolas in Dubai, there are multiple further types that can be considered. The most commonly used wood for this purpose is teak, cedar, redwood and mahogany.

Escape Luxury LivingAmong the basic cons of using wood for pergolas in Dubai one is that the wood is prone to decaying, insect attacks, rotting and shrinking. More of, it might not stand extreme weather conditions and lose its strength before the time comes.


If you are skeptical both about metal and wood, you can for PVC which is safer and provides more resistance without posing the threats metal and wood face. PVC is low-maintenance and provides you with flexible pergola designs in Dubai.

Brick or Stone

If you’re not happy with any of the above option, you’re left with considering brick or stone. Brick or stone combined with wood or metal create mesmerizing pergolas in Dubai. Usually, brick and stone are used to construct pergolas when the constructors need to match it the house’s architecture or façade.

Source: www.escape-me.com