Advantages of Renting a Cheap Car over a Luxury Car

Dubai is the ultimate car enthusiasts’ paradise. It will not be long before a luxury car zooms past you at hair-raising speeds or you spot it at a parking lot. These vehicles come with numerous benefits. First off, luxury cars stand out. If you want to make a statement among business associates, clients or even friends, such are the machines for you. What’s more, they are fitted with safety features that you won’t find in regular cars. These include blind spot monitors, side airbags, electronic stability control, automatic emergency braking, and traction control. They are also aesthetically pleasing and provide room for personalization.

Cheap Car Hire in Dubai

When it comes to comfort and speed, they are not left out. Without a doubt, you will enjoy sitting behind the wheel of a luxury car. These cars, however, come with several disadvantages. When you undertake to do a cost-benefit analysis, you will realize it’s better having an economy ride. Regardless of whether you’re buying or hiring, high-end vehicles are bound to leave a dent in your bank account. When it comes to cost efficiency and reliability, economical cars carry the day. Cheap car hire in Dubai will allow you to get more things done irrespective of whether you’re on holiday, your ride is at the mechanic’s, or you’re just visiting the city on business engagements. Here are why cheap cars always have the upper hand over luxury automobiles.

Fuel Efficient and Easy to Maintain

It will cost you less to rent a cheap car than a luxury vehicle. Not only are the rental fees for regular cars low but also fuel consumption. Economical cars use far less fuel than their high-end counterparts. This translates to less money spent on gas. The same cannot be said for executive automobiles. Most of the time, luxury cars represent oil-draining consumerism and pump out fewer miles per gallon.

When it comes to insurance, rental agencies charge more for luxury cars than regular vehicles. High-end automobiles are quite expensive. And so, you are expected to buy an additional insurance cover above the personal vehicle insurance. Another extra cost is for chauffeuring services. Some rental companies do not allow you to drive the car by yourself. Only the company’s driver can handle the vehicle. This means you’ll part with more money to pay the chauffeur.

Easy to Maneuver Through Thick Traffic

Hire Car

Unlike luxury cars, regular vehicles are extremely easy to drive. Their controls are so straightforward that you don’t have to be an expert to figure them out. Easy handling should be one of your top priorities when renting a car. You don’t want to complicate your experience on the road. Even so, uncomplicated controls have never been a stronghold of luxury vehicles. The advanced buttons that stare back at you are intimidating enough. If you do not take your time to understand the controls, a drive in a luxury vehicle could end in an accident. This would result in damages that would see you incur massive expenses.

Even if Dubai has numerous posh cars, you don’t need to rent one to travel from one place to another. Cheap car hire in Dubai works just fine. If anything, cheap cars are efficient and more pocket-friendly.